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Iconic Design

Iconic design elevates a brand beyond its competitors
by expressing big ideas in surprisingly simple ways.

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We knew the Fairy brand was solid, but fragmented!

Our Goal

Show all the different stakeholders and deciders the big picture.
It was a big job, but we decided to go for it with insights, with prototyping, with the consumer, and with external examples & case studies to finally align on brand story and iconic assets toolbox.

Our Promise

Building iconic brands in global dish will enable us to own the category by building loyalty. The secret is to be memorable, consistent and emotionally engaging. Simplicity and contrast are key as we identify and develop a visual language we can truly own across regions.

Our Achievement

The creation of a concise and living iconic assets guiding principles document has driven inter-agency collaboration and provided a framework for dynamic brand building – from on shelf to on screen.

Our success

This has been all about sharing the vision, making all partners and stakeholders embrace the design choices and make them a reality.

Starting in the US we were driving global adaptation by deploying the vision via brand summits – activating the new brand look & feel.

Our Learning

To make a brand as iconic as it can be, you need the global team to endorse, enforce and champion the guiding principles.

Be credible as a business partner.
Partner with the right people.
Create a Design and Business Culture.

At Fairy, Design has become a competitive advantage for us. We couldn’t have done it without the design teams at our creative agencies, but foremost we've to thank our design manager for his guidance and for showing us the big picture.

Victor Leal Negre
Associate Director P&G Home Care