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The best brands don’t simply tell a story,
they inspire people to take action.

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ideal start

if you want designers or architects to participate in your project without giving any guarantee for payment, you've to tell an engaging story, best by providing a clear and highly inspirational design brief.

in return

you'll receive great concepts from globally renowned artists just in time to prepare your sell-in to customers by renting a great venue in Milan to present the work in 1:1 scale at the yearly 'salone del mobile'.

to launch

four selected design lines the following autumn fair in Frankfurt, but despite selling into 500 points of sale and great interest of retailers, over 90% of consumers bought one single piece only out of the range.

and learn

that the task to decorate a whole bath and to do so by choosing and combining designs yourself out of a vaste range of design elements is very demanding and proofed it’s high potential to overstrain users.

we'd to recognize that most people are neither used to place more than one sticker nor trained to master complex design arrangements.