iconic design

My conviction

Success requires design leaders to deploy high-quality design talent and set the right context to ensure

· the competence of the brand is relevant
· the brand communicates consistent to its identity
· the brand is an innovative trendsetter
· best use of opportunities for customer integration

Design thinking and process is not enough!

case studies

make-up your bath

Many white tiles, nearly no nice atmosphere – that is what many bathrooms still look like.

The Octopus adventure tried to change this fact helping people to "make-up" their bath by offering 5 design collections with a huge choice of decorative elements and neat bath accessories for a simple and affordable interior design and style change.

Despite all the interest shown from the DIY markets, Octopus became a massive flop!

the telling story of a major flop.

a Fairy tale

A modern brand is memorable, consistent and emotionally engaging.

Establishing a unified brand identity in global dish across all touch-points, countries and initiatives enabled us to own the category by building loyalty. Creating concise and living iconic assets, whilst driving inter-agency collaboration, allowed us to provide a clear brand building framework and guidance how to make Fairy an iconic brand.

the success story of a top project.